Get up to $100
of movies and music
from your favorite TV App.

with the purchase of a qualifying Samsung Smart TV.*
  • Hulu Plus: Hulu Plus allows you to stream current and classic hit TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere.
  • M-GO:  Instantly watch the latest and greatest movies and TV shows.  No subscription fees.
  • Netflix: Stream your favorite TV shows and movies instantly on your Samsung Smart TV with Netflix.
  • Rhapsody: With Rhapsody you can play, save and share more than 20 million songs ad-free.
  • VUDU: VUDU delivers a cinema-like experience at home with the hottest new releases and the largest HD library.
Register now to receive up to $100 of movies and music from one of your five favorite TV Apps! 

Choose from one of five TV Apps to recieve up to $100 of movies and music!

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Hulu Plus
12-month subscription (monthly subscription: $7.99)
$100 value of store credits
12-month subscription (monthly subscription: $7.99)
10-month subscription (monthly subscription: $9.99)
$100 value of store credits
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How do I apply for the reward?
Option 1: Online Redemption (expedited processing)
1.  Visit 
2.  Enter the model number, serial number, retailer and your contact information to receive your promotional codes.

Option 2: Mail-In Redemption
Provide your model number, serial number, along with your receipt and original UPC and mail to:
Samsung Fulfillment Center
Offer # TV APPS
600 North Bedford St
East Bridgewater, MA 02333
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Where is my UPC located?
You can locate the UPC on the side of the Samsung Smart TV® package.

My Samsung  package was discarded and I do not have the physical label to locate the serial number needed to register for the program.

The model and serial number are located on a gray sticker found on the back of the player.

Why am I asked to supply my email address?
The TV App promo codes will be sent by email.

I don't want to provide my email address; how do I know my reward status?
Select 'Status' from the navigation bar and enter your information to check the status of your reward, or call 800-541-5594.

I deleted my email order confirmation. What should I do?
 Please select 'Contact Us' from the navigation bar.

I just registered. When will I receive my promotional codes?
Eligible customers will receive their reward email within 1-2 weeks after the rebate is validated.  If you opt to mail in the rebate form, please allow 2-4 weeks for the reward email to be sent.

I never received my reward but the site says it's been processed. What should I do?
Please call our rebate fulfillment center at 800-541-5594 for further assistance.
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